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Hey guys,

today I'm here with another post for the challenge “Blogging in English”. It's about short stories or actually one short story written by myself. 

I read a pretty amazing short story in my English class: “The Ghost” by Richard Hughes. When you click HERE you'll find the short story. I haven't found a better version in the internet, so you have to scroll down at first to the headline “The Ghost” and there you can finally read the story.
But this post is actually not about this short story, it's about a short story I've written based on “The Ghost”. It shows the perspective of John. I hope you enjoy it!


The first time I've met her was in this little coffee shop near my office. I was standing in front of the counter ordering my coffee, as always without sugar and milk, when the bell above the entrance made “Bing!” and she went into the coffee shop. At first I didn't even turn around. That would have been weird. You didn't look at every single person, who came into the coffee shop. Furthermore I had not seen her yet. 
But then, when I finally got my coffee, I turned around and saw her, standing in front of me, smiling a bright smile. A smile, I had never seen before – and would never see at another person again. 
“Hello”, she said and I realized I had stood completely frozen for a few seconds. “Ahm, hello”, I stammered, eventually. The blood went into my cheeks. What a fool I was! Staring at her! I took a step back, when it got into my mind how close we were standing to each other. 
“I am ...”, I started, but by then she had already interrupted me. “Nice to meet you. I'm Joanne” And again she was smiling widely. “John.” Of course I wasn't even able to speak in whole sentences. The great, successful manager, who hold speeches in front of hundreds of people without being nervous, behaved like a little school boy while talking to his first crush. 
“I'm new in town. Would you mind showing me around?”, Joanne asked, took a step forward – I hold my breath, literally – and went past me to the counter. I turned my head. “No, I wouldn't mind”, I told her back. 

And so everything took its course. In the beginning we were just drinking coffees together, but then it became more. It was adventurous. Something I didn't have for such a long time. 
My marriage wasn't as happy as in the beginning. Now we were two completely different people, who were respecting each other but no more. I knew it was wrong, I definitely did. Though, this didn't change my behaviour. Once in my life I was really selfish and didn't mind it. 

Please don't tell me, I have to pay for this – betraying my wife. I did – believe me – I did, more than any of you guys. You maybe had a divorce. You've lost probably a lot of money, maybe even the right to see your children.
I had to pay with something more valuable – maybe the most valuable thing in the world. And now I was laying on the floor with a hole in my head. 


Did you like the stories? Do you also write short stories or books?
I normally write longer stories (over 100 pages) in German. So this short story was more an experiment I wanted to share with you than anything else.

See you soon

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