Challenge: Blogging in English

Hey guys,

I hope you're doing fine! 
Today I have a little announcement: I participate in the challenge “Blogging in English”. As the title already told you, it's about blogging in English!

You might know that I love reading in English. It's such a good opportunity to improve your English by doing something you love.
Even though writing is something completely different and my English is everything else than perfect (you've probably already spotted multiple mistakes), I participate in this challenge. 
I just love the language and I think this challenge is a great opportunity to improve my writing skills. 
Here the main informations: I will post every month till December one or two posts in English. So even when you're not interesting in English posts you will still have many German posts. (By the way: The challenge has officially started on the first of October and it ends on the 31st of December.)  Down below I will list all the posts I've written in this time period in English. At the end I will also post a little recap. The challenge was created by Christine from Books & Cupcakes.


What do you think about this challenge? Do you read or even write in English sometimes?

See you soon with another post


  1. Dear Maura :)

    I also participate in the challenge and I'm pretty excited to see what will happen in those three months.

    Do you already know what you're going to post? And if you're doing translations for your german readers? :)


    1. Yes, I have some ideas for the posts - some easy stuff, which nearly everyone should be able to read, but also one post, that's not so easy (under the aspect, that my English itself is not the best xD). And no, I probably won't translate them, only when someone asks me to do it. How do you do it? Do you also translate those posts?


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