I Am Back!

I'm finally back! Life is sometimes pretty complicated and confusing, you make mistakes and fall down, but then again you manage to see what you did wrong and correct it.

That was a pretty cryptic summary of what happened.

I thought that a new start meant leaving everything behind. But I learned, that this doesn't automatically work this way. Just because something is in your past, a past you want to desperately leave behind, doesn't mean it's bad for you. It might have been one of the things that kept you going. I thought starting a new blog, filling it with my new interests was the solution. How wrong I was! I was right to say stop. Something had to change, I wasn't completely happy with my blog anymore. But creating a new one was the wrong step. It lead to nowhere. Just back to my old blog. 

And here I am again! I missed this blog so much and interacting with all of my lovely readers. I'm so happy to be finally back again. To give it a fresh start with many new ideas, yes, but without leaving the past of my blog completely behind, but using it for the future. 


  1. Oh, Maura! Ich bin auch froh, dass du zurück bist :) ♥

    Ich bin schon gespannt, was du zu erzählen hast!

    Ich wünsche dir noch ein frohes neues Jahr :)
    Alles Liebe

    1. Dankeschön! ♥
      Ja, ich bin auch unendlich froh, wieder hier zu sein! :D


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