{Review} The Truth Factory - Cody McFadyen


Title: The Truth Factory
Author: Cody McFadyen
Publisher: Liza Dawson Associates
Series: Smoky Barrett #5
ISBN: 9781939481429

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As The Truth Factory opens, Smoky is pregnant and happily remarried. She and her team have just been summoned to a baffling scene in Denver: In a suburban cul de sac, two seemingly happy families have been slaughtered and carefully displayed. This leads Smoky into an enormous underground bunker and a plot that threads through the entire community. And then…well, this is a crime that will grip the world. [Goodreads]

My Opinion

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. But from the beginning:
The first couple of pages were actually quite good. It seemed like a normal Smoky Barrett novel, which never fails to enthral me. Sadly, that didn't keep going on in such manner for very long. When the good beginning was over, the story got kinda stuck. Most things happened in Smoky's head, she thought way too much. That way even the scenes, that promised to be exciting, turned out boring.

I mean, I can totally understand (or luckily not really, you know what I mean) that all the terrible things, that happened to her, had to do something with her mind. This doesn't mean though, that I enjoy listening to her rambling without any structure or purpose to the story. When the second part of the book was over, it finally got more exciting again. I nearly didn't finished it, so annoyed was I by that time. The story started rolling again, still with some boring passages, but overall it was quite okay and sometimes even enjoyable to read.

The idea behind The Truth Factory was - even though the realisation was more than disappointing - extremely good. I cannot tell you anything about it without spoiling it, but be prepared to find a big mystery that you cannot solve alone without the characters help.

The main protagonists didn't change a lot - with the exception of Smoky. I've already told you about her being stuck in her head throughout the whole book, which is especially annoying since the book is written out of her point of view. My favourite character, however, was Kirby. I love her seemingly care-free but strong personality and her sense of humour. I was so happy, when she became a bigger role on Smoky's side during the second half of the book. Scenes with her were always very fun to read.

The ending didn't really satisfy me either. I might have overlooked it, but in my opinion some questions weren't answered. On the other hand, the ending managed to surprise me, too. The people involved in the crime... Let's just say I'd never suspected them.

To sum it up... I was a huge fan of the Smoky Barrett series and I still am one, that doesn't mean though, that I can recommend this fifth book. I had waited so long for it and was so excited to finally read it - just to get something rather boring and not really entertaining. It didn't feel like something Cody McFadyen would normally write - at least I would expect better and more exciting books from him. I still plan on reading the next books in this series - shall they ever come out. In my opinion the Smoky Barrett series is still one of the best thriller series I've ever read and I can recommend every other book of this series without second guessing!


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