{BookEmotions} Local Bookstores vs. Online Bookstore

Until recently I've never been to a small, cozy local bookstore, simply because there hasn't been one where I lived. I only had those big bookstores with books neatly staked on the shelves. No piles of books on the floor, not a single drop of cozy atmosphere. I thought this kind of bookstores only existed in books. How wrong I was! I moved to a new town and found it: this cozy little bookstore, where you immediately feel at home in the middle of all those books!
Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you buy your books locally? I'd love to buy all of my books in this local bookstore, but that simply isn't possible. Since I think this topic is really important – and because I want to know your opinion about it – I'd like to talk today about some pros and cons of local bookstores.

The Atmosphere 

I think nobody can argue with this. Local bookstores definitely win this category. When I go to my local bookstores I immediately feel "at home" and welcome. All those books just make me feel happy. This, of course, does not happen in those bigger bookstore where everything is so neat, clean and impersonal.
I can pick up a book, read a couple of pages and decide whether or not I want to buy it. I don't have to know the book before I go into the bookstore, therefor I can discover lots of new books. Maybe even from genres I normally wouldn't read that much from.
Spending time in a bookstore is high quality time. Afterward I just feel less stressed and genuinely happy. 


Okay, this is kinda unfair, but true as well. Someone like me who is on a budget just has to look for the cheapest prices of the things he or she is buying. And books in the local bookstore (I'm talking about English books, not German once) are always more expensive. Even though I do buy some books from my local bookstore, I cannot afford buying all of my books there. Paying 2-5€ more per book is simply not possible for me. Books from online bookstores are just more affordable. 


Did it ever happen to you that you got book mail and you were very excited just to realise that the book is damaged and doesn't look as pretty as it could? That's certainly one of the most frustrating things ever. It will, however, never happen to you when you buy your books in your local bookstore, because you see what you buy and – at least – I never damage my books while caring them home.


Maybe I'm a bit strange, but I never go to a bookstore with my mind set on on special book. That might have to do with the fact that it probably won't be there anyway. The english section in my  local bookstores is so small, that I would have to be very, very lucky to find that one book. So when I want this one book, I normally order it online. But when I want to get inspired then I go to a bookstore and browse the bookshelves there to find the right book for my current mood.

Where do you prefer to buy your books? Do you also have a cozy, little local bookstore in your town? 

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