January '17 Wrap Up

Hello, you all!
Today I'd like to look back on the month of January and talk to you about my favourite books, experiences I made and so on. It was a very busy month, but also a month with many new impressions, changes and good books and stories. So without further ado, let's get started!

Bookish Wrap Up

I read 8 books with a total of 1772 pages and 1792 minutes (audiobooks). Considering everything that went on this month, I think this is a pretty good number.

My favourite book (besides the two Harry Potter re-reads obviously) was Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. I listend to it as an audiobook, which I can definitely recommend since the narrator did an amazing job! Stalking Jack the Ripper ist the story about a strong young woman called Audrey who wants to work in the field of forensic medicine during a time when women where supposed to look beautiful and the supporting hand for their husbands. Audrey fights not only against social norms and stereotypes, but also against the incrimination of people that are close to here. As if that wasn't enough, she also tries to hunt down Jack the Ripper himself.
I absolutely loved this book! It's an exciting and addictive read, you simply cannot stop thinking about. Not only the crimes drew me in, but also the very likeable protagonist. I love strong women in books (and in real life). Working in a field that's dominated by men is something I can definitely relate to since I study mechanical engineering. Even though I have it much easier than Audrey, since I don't have to fight against social norms or even hide what I'm doing, I still hear an occasional "You are studying mechanical engineering?! I would have never imagined that!" (one of the nicest comments...) from people that simply cannot believe that a young woman who loves to read and has been dancing ballet her whole life can do something "like that". That made it very easy for me to connect to Audrey. She said many important things about social norms and stereotypes, that are important to bear in mind for everyone - including myself. 

Private Wrap Up

The month of January was a month of a big first: the first day at university (a Cooperative State University in Germany). I have many interesting classes. Some are pretty challenging and some are a lot of fun (I love CAD). If you want to know more about studying at a cooperative state university and why I decided do study there, let me know in the comments below and I will make a special post about that topic.

Having everyday packed full with classes, it was sometimes nice to find some inspiration and thoughts about mindfulness in an app, that I've discovered recently: Flow. I decided to share it with you, because I started looking forward to every morning to read the food for thought. I can definitely recommend checking this app out (yes, it costs 1.99€, but it's definitely worth it; no, I'm not sponsored or anything; and btw it's a german app, some quotes, however, are in English). It helps me personally to start the day with a positive mindset, which is worth a lot in my opinion.

How was your month of January? Did anything exciting happen? What was your favourite book? 


  1. Oh, "Stalking Jack The Ripper" sounds really good. I think I will take a closer look at it. Even though I will read it since I just can't get myself to like audiobooks ;)

    Thanks for the tip :D

    And I LOVE the cover!

  2. Oh, "Stalking Jack the Ripper". I've heard sooo many great thinks about it but somehow I haven't bought it yet. That definitely needs to change soon!

    My favourite book of January was "A Darker Shade of Magic" (and the favourity of February probably "A Gathering of Shadows") and I'm currently waiting for "A Conjuring of Light".

    Otherwise I'm a little obsessed with the All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic.

    I hope you have a great (rest of the) month! :)


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