{BookEmotions} YA lit & the internet - Interviews with Sara Raasch, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Beth Revis!

I had to do a report about YA Literature and the Internet in my English class last year. While preparing this report I thought that it would be nice to have some opinions of different authors concerning this topic. So I wrote some e-mails and some amazing authors actually replied! I was so happy, because I'd never really expected any of them to answer me - and now I want to share the responses with you, because I think they're very interesting! Since the answers are obviously in English I decided to write this blog post in English too, so that really everyone can understand it. ​Therefore please excuse my mistakes, my English is obviously everything else than perfect. 

But before I want to present you the answers, you obviously have to know what I've asked. Thus here are the questions: 
  1. How do you think the internet influences Young Adult literature?
  2. Where do you see problems/opportunities?
  3. How do you use the internet as an author?

The first author who was so kind to answer me is Sara Raasch. She wrote Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire. Two books which I can definitely recommend you! And that's her opinion on this topic:

The internet has been SO helpful with spreading word of YA books. I don't know how authors marketed before it! I use it mostly to interact with readers and hold contests and other such things to spread knowledge of my books. The teen presence online is so strong that all interactions are both successful and so fun!

​The next author is Jennifer L. Armentrout. She wrote among other books the Lux series, which is so amazing. But I'm sure you've already read it! This is her answer:

I think social media is a great platform for authors. I love getting to interact with readers and it's also a great way to get your books out there. There will always be negativity on the internet, but I think that overall using social media is a positive experience.

Last but not least Beth Revis, who wrote for example the Across the Universe trilogy. She was so kind to answer the following:

It's made a fan culture more prominent, making more people passionate about reading and books.

There are a ton more opportunities for people to get involved with readers, interact and really make a connection. However, that means there are also a lot more chance of us sticking our foot in our mouths...

At the end the probably most important thing. I want so say THANK YOU!! Thank you for reading my e-mail, thank you for taking the time to communicate with your readers and of course thank you for answering my questions. That means so much to me! THANK YOU!!

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