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Today I'm back with an English blog post again. I'd like to show you some of my favourite YouTubers. The reason why I not just write BookTubers is that I actually want to mention two channels that are about study tips, too! 
Of course, I watch more YouTubers and I even have more favourite YouTubers, but I decides to narrow it down to five YouTubers today​ in order to keep the post from becoming too long. The order in which I name them has as always no meaning. 

The first BookTuber I want to mention is Sasha from abookutopia. I love her videos because they are always fun to watch and she has the exact same taste in books as I have. Additionally she has an amazing personality, which makes her videos even more enjoyable!

Megan from PeruseProject is probably the BookTuber I've been watching for the longest time. While watching her videos I always discover new books, which  at least I cannot find everywhere else. Her recommendations inspire me to read books that aren't in my comfort zone. And I love her personality, too. But that I could say about everyone I mention today. I wouldn't watch their videos if I disliked their personality. 

The next one is Zoe from readbyzoe. I think she is absolutely adorable and I really like her taste of books. I especially enjoy her tags. They are always so much fun to watch!

Now we come to the YouTubers who make videos about studying. 

The first one is Jess from Study With Jess. Her videos were the first ones I watched about studying - I didn't know such videos existed before - at least such amazing ones, because normally they are rather boring. But not her videos! They always motivate me to give my best for school!

Last but not least I'd like to mention Thomas Frank. I discovered his channel recently and by now I have watched the majority of his videos! What I like about them is that you learn more than just simple study tips. I found so many interesting things that I started to do/use for myself! If you want to improve your study skills definitely check his videos out! 

Do you also watch their videos? And what are your favourite YouTubers?

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  1. Hallo:)

    abookutopia und peruse schaue ich auch^.^ Ich muss sagen die englisch-sprachigen Booktuber gefallen mir etwas besser als die aus Deutschland, ich habe irgendwie das Gefühl bei denen mehr neue Bücher zu entdecken und auch viele, von denen ich noch nichts gehört habe.
    DIe anderen, die du genannt hast, gucke ich mir auch mal an, die klingen echt interessant! Obwohl ich jetzt schon zu viel youtube gucke:D


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