{BookEmotions} How to read more during busy times!

I don't know about you, but my life is pretty hectic right now. Between university, studying and sports I barely have time for anything else. Even sleeping come sometimes a little bit too short when all those questions have to be solved and I just cannot seem to find the right solution. Nonetheless I've managed to read eight books this month. I know, not a HUGE number of books, but considering everything else still a lot. That's why I thought I'd share with you today my tips and tricks to read more during such busy and hectic times which we are all facing from now and then. 

Special Reading Time

Set yourself a certain time everyday for reading a couple of pages. Not 100, not even 50, maybe only a chapter. Every read page is after all a read page. For me this time of the day are the 15-20 minutes before I go to sleep. I love reading right before I sleep, it helps me relax and make me feel better regardless of whether the day was a "good" or a "bad" day. 

Listen to Audiobooks

Okay, I know, that's technically not reading, but to be frank I think it still counts. After all you get to know to a new story or to the sequel of one you already know. You discover new worlds. And it's pretty easy to squeeze in some minutes of listening to an audiobook every day. When you commute to school/uni/work, when you clean your room/flat/house or when you do some exercise like running. When I need to clear my head I always go running and listen to an audiobook meanwhile. You can lose yourself completely to the story while you work off all the negativ emotion that stresses you. 

Plan ahead!

I don't know about you but the more I plan ahead, make to do lists and be sure, when I have to to what, the less I get surprised by some unwelcome tasks that I weer more than willing to forget. That means that I do not have to do those unwelcome things late at night, when I'd normally have some time for myself. I also feel like the more structured I work the more time I can squeeze in here and there just for me.

Read books that won't let you go anymore!

That's a pretty obvious one, but one we often overlook. Yes, a book might sound interesting, but if it's not able to make you wanna finish it in one sitting (what you obviously won't do but anyways) it's not worth your time when so much else is going on in your life. Do not read a book because everyone else is reading it. You're in a reading slump sooner than you might expect. 
That also means figuring out the genre that you read more quickly than others. I love fantasy and I really enjoy reading thrillers and both can make me read for hours and hours until I've finished a certain book. But they're both more often than not complicated to read. I have to pay close attention to what is happening or I might not understand the world building or miss some hidden clues that might have help me solve the riddle. That's why I often read Contemporary novels when I'm busy. It's easier for me to just read a couple of pages and still understand the story - which I sometimes fail to do with more complex storylines. 

Naturally now I want to know what you do to read more during hectic and busy times!

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